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Logo Products

Producing Embossed and 3-D Logos of Outstanding Quality

RF Works Corp. uses a unique process for the production and application of embossed logos as well as 3-D multi-colored logos. We first create then weld these logos to vinyl upholstery using a radio frequency heat sealing method. The result is a logo that is strong, durable, and looks like no other.

  • PPI-embossed-logo


    The embossed logo is the most economical of all of the RF sealing products we offer. We accomplish this look thru the use of a die that is designed to sink parts of the design into the base vinyl thus producing a single color 3-dimensional logo. Detail can be very vivid and allow us to provide a depth not easily accomplished thru embroidery. This type of logo can be expected to hold up with the life of the upholstery itself.

  • 2009-Donzi-logo

    Single and Multicolor stitch seal logos

    Multi-colored logos are accomplished thru the use of our custom made stitch seal dies. We use this special tooling to make all the parts of our custom color logos right here in-house. We produce logos up to 13″ square and can have as many as 5 colors.

    Take a look at the 2009 Donzi logo, which is a duplicate of their 1964 (original peel stick-on) decal, but is now in color, 3-d, and part of the vinyl fabric. The result is now a clean look that is both beautiful as well as durable.

Some attributes of our logos are as follows:

  • 1 Logos are produced with vinyl that has cold-crack additives, which enable them to withstand temperatures down to 20° F.
  • 2 The base fabric is not pierced, as in embroidery work. Therefore water is unable to seep into the foam of the seat through the logo. In addition to this, we do not incorporate any type of thread into our logo which tends to wear very quickly in any outdoor environment.
  • 3 Our logos come with UV inhibitors already in the material. We have submitted samples to laboratories for testing and have achieved excellent results. See attached lab report summary as provided by Solar Light Laboratory, 100 East Glenside Ave., Glenside, PA 19038.
    Click Here To See Attached Lab Report.
  • 4 RF Works Corp. stands behind their work for a full 3 years. We produce in excess of 100,000 logos per year and have less than 0.5% failure rate per year. If any of our logos fail, simply send in the failed piece as well as a new vinyl panel, and we will replace the logo and ship it back at no charge.